Best Country Clubs In Los Angeles With Tennis Courts

Living in Los Angeles definitely means that to get a good cardio workout, you do not have to look for. There is a joke that says in Los Angeles, to get a tennis court, all you need to do is simply roll out of bed and you find yourself in one. The recreation and park department of the state manages over 65 facilities alone with a good majority being of the free open play type.

When looking at the private developments, you can also find a good number of them in the different regions of Los Angeles. This is as a result of the over 1.200 country clubs available in the Los Angeles area alone with most of them boasting of tennis clubs. You have a wide range of options when trying to get a practical fit in the city and some of them are listed below:

The Riviera Country Club

Located in the Pacific Palisades, the Riviera Country Club boasts its very own tennis court known as the Riviera Tennis Court. It is often referred to as one of the oldest tennis clubs in the Western part of the United States. One can say that due to their long history, this also accounts for it being amongst the largest tennis clubs.

Having been founded in the 60’s, 1963 to be precise, the highlights of the club are its 2 clay courts, 2 ball machine courts and the 22 hard courts which are not rivaled by any. For the newbies just branching out in the sport of tennis, the country club also provides a tennis teaching program where there are professionals available to tutor members in the Santa Monica region.

According to research, the members of the club are over 1000 with a few of them being a part of international tours both juniors and seniors. For more information on luxury real estate near the fabulous Riviera Country Club click here.

The New Griffin Club

The Tennis court of the New Griffin Club is considered to be one of the highlighting features of the club since its inception in the year 1926. It can then be said that the club has been around more than a lot of the new clubs popping up as competition for it.

The club boasts of 9 states of the art tennis courts which have been terraced onto the hillside thereby providing an irreplaceable experience to the user. The nine individual courts have special lighting so regardless of whether a game of tennis is being played during the day or at night, the same experience is provided.

The staff members consist of professionals who at one point or the other have been involved in the professional game and therefore valued experience and knowledge are passed along to the individual, youth or group seeking lessons. The training lessons are offered year round. Members of the club can be found participating in competitions on the West side. So if it is a game of tennis you want, a way to perform cardio or a means to engage in sporting competition, then this is one of the best tennis courts out there.

Luxury Vacation Homes With Tennis Courts Near By

When thinking of where to spend that next vacation, getting accommodation is one of the things that have to be planned for. There are so many options available when it comes to accommodation and with vacation homes now on the high end offering luxurious comfort, individuals can either go for the option of outright buying a luxury vacation home, taking out a mortgage or the option of being on a timeshare.

Before making a solid decision on where the vacation homes ought to be, most people tend to look at the amenities offered. The presence of a tennis court serves as an attraction and here is some luxury vacation homes location that boasts of such:

Fort Lauderdale

Like several other luxury vacation homes, those found at Fort Lauderdale provide the home owners with the amenities needed to survive on a daily basis. These vacation homes come equipped with garages for parking, walk-in closets, stocked pantry, luxury washers and dryers for laundry amongst others.

A major attraction of the Fort Lauderdale community happens to be its recreational facilities which residents have access to whenever the need strikes them. Such recreational facilities include the tennis court, basketball court, racquet court etc. When a game of tennis is not being enjoyed on the numerous courts available, there is the option of having a picnic in the surrounding parks. The presence of the recreational facilities like the tennis courts ensure that residents alongside vacationers have the means to relax and exercise whenever.

Beverly Hills

In the famous city of Beverly Hills, the La Cienega Tennis Center plays a major role in the game of tennis around there. The tennis facility happens to be the major one over there and it has received a lot of awards such as the United States Tennis Association’s Outstanding Public Facility Award and Best Tennis Court award by Los Angeles Magazine.

Having being in the city for over 10 years now, the features of the court include: 16 different courts, private lessons hosted by renowned tutors as well as a Pro Shop for all tennis gear. The use of the courts is open to the public with 4 reserved for private use. No membership fee is required to join. If you would prefer watching the sport being played instead of partaking, the center has an outdoor deck area where viewing can be done for over 300 spectators.

East Hampton

The Hamptons in the past was were the British stayed during their colonial rule in America and as a result of that, the community has a bit of English influence. Regarded as one of the wonderful destination spots in the United States, the East Hampton is a popular spot for vacation homes with a few A-listers of Hollywood having a home or two there. The real estate market in The Hamptons is quite competitive. These highly-coveted homes come with a hefty price tag.

There are a lot of attractions asides the British influence in the Hamptons such as the clothing shops, specialty shops selling crafts, restaurants among a few. For those interested in recreational sports, the Hamptons has a set of tennis courts which are open to the public as well as those that require membership.