Tennis Camp 101

Most parents do not know the type of activity to engage their chid in during the summer months. Owing to the fact that the summer period is mostly sunny and vibrant and children see it as the perfect period to let go of boisterous energy, the best way to spend it would be outdoors. Instead of letting your child while away the summer months playing, a more productive thing would be to send them to tennis camp. This kills two birds with one stone as your child is not only able to blow off steam and enjoy the outdoors but also gets to learn something new.

But attending a summer tennis camp can be quite the experience and you want to make sure that your child leaves with all the necessities to survive for the few weeks away. The following are what your child should pack and not pack for tennis camp:

To Pack:

  • A Sleeping bag: most camps provide bedding in dormitories but it always helps to pack one just in case your child prefers sleeping in something they are more familiar with.
  • Tennis Clothes: the lounge clothes should be separate from the tennis clothes. Tennis apparel are more technically suited for free movement while playing the game. A simple shirt and shorts should do so far as they keep the child warm.
  • Tennis Racquet: there is no way the game of tennis can be played without the needed equipment. Although new players can borrow from the camp, it encourages familiarity to have one’s own racquet.
  • Sun Block: tennis is played outdoors hence constant exposure to the sun. Having sun block means your child gets SPF protection.
  • Water Bottle: the sport of tennis can be energy draining and it does not help matters when it is played underneath a scorching sun. To stay hydrated, having a water bottle ensures that your child has access to water whenever.
  • Bug Spray: the summer month is the period where most animals come out of hibernation as a result, certain insects come out of hiding.


Not to Pack:

  • Phones: the summer tennis camp is also an avenue to meet new people and make new friends. Packing a mobile phone dissuades the whole idea of it as your child would be more interested in keeping in contact with old friends or playing games instead of forging new relationships.
  • Electronics: the same reason mobile phones should not be packed also extends to electronics. The summer period is meant to be for embracing the whole outdoor experience and forging new memories. The presence of electronics totally cancels this out.
  • Too Much Cash: unless there are necessities being sold in the camp or the camp encourages this, then there is no need to carry on cash to the tennis camp. This is due to the fact that a lot of things go missing either through carelessness or through theft. Most camps cover everything your child would possibly need in the payment plan so there is no need to worry. Just tuck two or three $20 bills in case of an emergency.